Poncho Waterproof Men’s Portable PVC

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The material of this poncho is PVC, the size is 50*80 inches, 52*80 inches. In the design, the rain cap is extended, the length of the raincoat is lengthened, and the person’s pants and feet are protected. When the rain is heavy, it can effectively prevent the body from getting wet. Wearing a raincoat when working can free up your hands. When there is wind, you don’t have to worry about being blown away like an umbrella.

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The advantage of the raincoat is that the contact area with the limbs is increased, the rain protection effect is good, and the possibility of rain is effectively reduced. Moreover, the electric vehicle raincoat has good waterproof and breathable, windproof and warm, excellent performance, wide application range, flexible use, and low pollution. This design not only solves the contradiction between air permeability and water resistance, but also reduces the weight of the raincoat and improves the performance of the raincoat. The comfort of protective clothing, this structure magnifies the original advantages of the product.

Introduce of use

After the raincoat gets wet, it should not be wiped or exposed to the sun, so as not to damage the waterproof layer and reduce the waterproof performance. Use both hands to lift the collar, shake off the water droplets, let it dry until it is 80 to 90 percent dry, and then slightly iron it with an iron at low temperature to make it flat. If the raincoat is dirty, you can put the raincoat on the table and use a soft brush dipped in water to gently brush it to prevent the film from sticking, aging and becoming brittle. When storing, it must be completely dried before folding, so as to prevent the chemical reaction of the lipid and wax substances in the rain slurry in humidity and high temperature, which will cause the raincoat to become moldy and spotty, resulting in losses.

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