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Our factory mainly produces and sells raincoat products of various materials. This product is our company's hot-selling product. The material of this raincoat is EVA, which is of good quality and smooth to the touch. Raincoats help people to dissipate hot and humid water vapor from the raincoats when they are wearing rain protection, increasing their comfort.
The length of this raincoat is 110-120cm, the bust is 65-68cm, and the sleeve length is 75-80cm. It can print the logo or pattern required by customers, and there are many colors for customers to choose from. Harmonious color matching can not only improve viewing, but also ensure that riders can be more easily observed in low visibility conditions, thereby improving safety. Therefore, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red or vibrant orange are often used store.
The main function of the raincoat is to prevent people from being drenched by the rain and make the body or the clothes on the body become wet, thus affecting people's health. The number of raincoat users in China has a considerable scale, and the southern region is particularly typical. The climate type of the southern region is a subtropical monsoon climate, with a long rainy season and a large number of precipitations in a year. Umbrellas are also commonly used rain protection tools, but in the event of heavy rain and strong winds, it is inevitable that pedestrians will be drenched in the rain on the road, which often causes symptoms such as colds, burns, and cold. Therefore, in addition to umbrellas, almost every family in the south will have raincoats as waterproof clothing for travel in rainy days. The times are progressing, but the replacement of the seasons and the changes in the weather have always maintained their own regular operation, unaffected by human activities. People still need raincoats to protect themselves when traveling in rainy days. Therefore, raincoats have always maintained their functionality, and their design prospects also have a relatively broad space for development.


Post time: Jun-02-2022


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