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Chongqing female traffic policemen wore red raincoats for the departure ceremony, which attracted widespread attention. After understanding, we learned that this was designed by Wang Lijun, director of Chongqing Public Security Bureau. Before, the clothing of female traffic policemen we often saw was white and black. Trousers and navy blue, the latest design of this red raincoat meets black boots at the bottom and folds inside the collar to hide the hat, making almost every detail human-friendly.
Citizens said that wearing red on the female traffic patrol officer is more energetic. Seeing the bright red female traffic patrol officer on a gray rainy day, the driving fatigue is gone.
This raincoat is different from the usual ordinary raincoats. Except for the air vents, there are no conventional buttons on the front, and all of them are magnet suction buttons. This is not a simple replacement problem. In addition to being beautiful, it is also very convenient. The raincoat was longer than the knee, just over the black boots on the feet. The advantage is that it prevents the rain from the raincoat from pouring into the boots.
In addition to this, the red raincoat has reflective strips on the cuffs and back. When the female traffic policemen direct traffic, they raise their hands, and the raincoat cuffs are specially designed to be double-layered—the inner layer is flexible and fits tightly to the wrist; the outer layer covers it to form a second layer of protection. The part under the traffic patrol sign on the left arm is a mesh structure, which is both warm and breathable.
In addition, the front of the raincoat and the neck are equipped with air vents, and the female patrolmen can adjust the size of the air vents according to their own needs.

Post time: Jun-02-2022


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