Our company’s development history and introduction

Our company was invited to participate in the well-known Canton Fair in 2022. The company mainly produces raincoats of various materials such as PE, PVC, EVA and PEVA, and has various styles and colors for customers to choose from. Our company has two processing plants, which have been established for more than ten years, so we have great advantages in terms of price and experience, and with the company's years of production experience and professional knowledge reserves, we have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.
Our company has specialized technical instructors, quality supervisors and logistics controllers. Therefore, we can accurately grasp the latest trend of the market, understand the preferences of customers, and strictly control the quality. In the after-sales logistics, we also have professional personnel to manage and control the latest logistics trends, and strive to be in the most efficient way. Goods are delivered to customers. And our R&D personnel have good expertise in product design to improve production efficiency, which can serve customers more efficiently and meet their needs.
In the process of participating in the exhibition, we also made many like-minded partners, who gave us many product inspirations, and also inspired us many new ideas on product styles, which is a great harvest for us. The big ones are also very valuable.
In the exhibition, we also met many peers and friends, their participation and competition have broadened our horizons, increased our knowledge, and increased our experience, enabling us to learn from each other and make the company develop in a better direction.
The experience accumulated in this exhibition is very valuable to our company. We hope to participate in this type of exhibition more in the future, continue to absorb experience, expand the styles of the company's products, and win more customers. Trust and support.

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Post time: Jun-02-2022


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