Raincoat Waterproof Custom Design Eva

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The material of this raincoat is EVA, the body length is 110-120cm, the bust circumference is 65-68cm, and the sleeve length is 75-80cm. It can be printed with the customer’s desired pattern and multiple colors.

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This raincoat has good elasticity, novel style, soft texture, high strength and good toughness. No odor, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, cold-resistant and warm. A large built-in pocket makes it easy to store and place some carry-on items. It increases the mobility of the human body. The fabric has excellent waterproof breathability and windproof warmth retention, not only outstanding performance, but also has the advantages of wide application range, flexible design and less pollution. Our factory produces raincoats in a wide variety of styles and colors, which can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. The top-down buried wire drawstring can control the size of the brim, which can prevent rainwater from flowing into the raincoat along the head and wetting your clothes. It can also prevent rain from blocking the line of sight and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. The raincoat not only makes people feel convenient when using, but also makes people more comfortable when using, increases the service life of the raincoat, and reduces waste of resources and unnecessary expenses. This raincoat adopts a waterproof design, and the rainwater can be completely shaken off with a single shake, without penetrating into the inner layer, which greatly enhances the practicality of the raincoat.

Instructions for use

After using the raincoat, wipe it off as soon as possible and let it dry naturally, avoiding rubbing, tugging and direct sunlight to protect the integrity and functionality of the waterproof coating on the surface. The raincoat should only be wiped with a soft cloth after it rains. Do not expose it to the sun or fire it. Generally, it is not necessary to wash it with soap that is too alkaline. If the plastic raincoat is wrinkled, it can be immersed in hot water of 80℃ for one or two minutes, and the wrinkles can be eliminated. Usually do not contact with oil, do not wash with gasoline, dry when stored. Pay attention to frequent inspections, and if there is adhesion, it should be spread out to dry in time, and do not squeeze.

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